Mum life

Hello Everyone,

I’m a recently new mum and I would just love to share how I feel about the ‘mum struggles’ and managing daily mum/work life. Im currently serving in the navy alongside my partner who is also serving and This story is really just about getting my opinion and sharing it with other mums and dads!

Maddison is my precious little girl who is now 3 months old and for me everyday is a different and new day that not only brings me joy and happiness watching her grow but struggles that at the end of the day I would just absolutely love to sit on the toilet with the door locked and cry but I’m a mum so I can’t, I just want to say to any parent reading this you are doing a fantastic job and your precious little one is slowly but surly turning into the most amazing little character.

I’ve recently found that during my time as a mum there are no two babies the same and what one person tells you might be the complete opposite to someone else, but you really do just need to listen to what your heart and head tells you, after all they are your child and you know them best. I really want to talk about the dreaded word of loneliness because as a parent this can affect you massively, with my partner being in the navy I have found that I do get really lonely when he goes off to sea and it’s just me and the little one and no matter how much you love them, there is only so much ‘baby talk’ you can take.

I find keeping active even if that is just putting maddie in the pushchair and walking around the block it helps, eat good food!!! Food is my absolute life and sometimes it’s not good but hey I know we all love a Chinese takeaway in front of the tv watching Britain’s got talent on a Saturday night, but honestly just the simple things of planning meals to have, think about what creative meals you can make and then of course make them. Talk to friends, even if it’s just a simple conversation it can stop you from feeling lonely, I’ll let you all in to a little secret that this is the whole reason why I’m writing this blog, I’ve started to feeling a bit lonely and I want to express to mums and dads that there are many ways to help stop that feeling!

Read blogs about how other parents go through these stages of parenting and the struggles that come with it, I’ve read so many and honestly you really aren’t on your own and they do help!

I will be posting so many more about other topics of parenthood and how I feel and manage. I’d really love to hear from other parent bloggers on how they cope!